Usman Dar on Wednesday has expressed serious concern

Special assistant to the PM on Youth Affairs Usman Dar on Wednesday has expressed serious concern that severely affected the world economy including Pakistan.

According to the reports said Usman met with the President’s Chamber Of Commerce and Industries. Special Assistant to PM on youth affairs Usman Dar said that as a result of the affected economy by the COVID-19, the export industries exempted from the lockdown to minimize the losses.usman-dar

Special assistant to Pm on Youth Affairs Usman Dar also warned the industries about the adopted standard operating procedures (S0Ps) that the industrial units will immediately be sealed if they did not strictly follow the SOPs set by the government. Check More

Furthermore, former director Karachi Stock Exchange Amin Yousuf Balgamwala said that the government had taken stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, adding that these steps have led to a very serious situation with the closure of industries and markets.

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Usman Dar said the provincial govt should give some relief to commercial importers and allow doing business in banking hours expressed deep concerns over the stoppage vehicles transporting raw material and food chemicals by the polices in the backdrop of lockdown.

Usman Dar assured that the measures of Pakistan to deal with the COVID-19 were better than developed countries. ‘‘Despite all the negative propaganda against Pakistan, the World Organization is convinced we took measure more timely than other countries,’’ Online Apply for Ehsaas Program

COCID-19 all the confirmed cases in Pakistan 

GRAND TOTALTotal Cases6245New Cases4553Recovered1579Deaths113

All city Detail check

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