Tik Tok Donates Fund To Royal Nursing Foundation To Fight Against COVID-19

Tik Tok decided To Donate Fund For Royal Nursing Foundation

Tiktok company decided to donate £5million to British nursing to help the COVID-19 Pandemic
According to International news that the donation will be utilized by the Royal Nursing Foundation to aid the frontline nurses suffering problems.

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According to International news, this is said that the greatest found a social media giant has donated for the COVID-19. This donation is part of 325 dollars worldwide fund that have set up for relief.

According to the reports the amount will be donated through cash. Tik tok will offer a total os 125 dollars in the form of ad credits. This amount will be divided between small to medium-sized businesses, non-govt organizations, local authorities as well as healthy bodies. Apply Online for Ehsaas Program

Note that tik tok and other social media applications are making efforts to handle the spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19 on their own platform.
Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok have become our public space.
Tik tok wants to donate to pay homage to the nurses.

“Despite the huge challenges frontline healthcare workers face on a daily basis, I have been enormously heartened by we are seeing on our platform”, said the tech firm’s UK general manager.
Health secretary Matt Hancock said,  “I’m delighted that Tik Tok is supporting the RCN foundation which brings so much support to so many ”.

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