Shahid Afridi could be the new PM of Pakistan Like Imran Khan

Is Shahid Afridi the new Imran Khan of Pakistan? Why not?

Finally he’s got all that’s required to require the reins of prime minister’s workplace. he’s handsome and while not brains. Since his retirement from international cricket, the previous expert has been within the news for his political aspirations. Someday, he could even become the prime minister of Pakistan–if the ‘selectors’ decide him.

On a sticky wicket:

On a sticky wicket To be fair, Shahid Afridi’s Jammu and Kashmir policy is as unsteady as his cricketing career. Before old-time to the ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ bandwagon formally, there was a time once Afridi thought that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan couldn’t even manage its four provinces, what wouldn’t it do with Jammu and Kashmir. on the other hand times amendment and aspirations amendment too.

What is the play here? Is Shahid Afridi being tidy to become another viable political pawn by those that truly run the country?

Nothing out of the normal for a rustic wherever all political leaders within the past have come back through the fauji nurseries with some reaching the very best offices. However, Afridi considers the important rulers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as donkeys and horses World Health Organization got to be created insan ke bachche. Afridi could have started his political career by raising his voice against ‘human rights violations’,

however, the problem is on the far side of his scope. once his heart cries for Kashmiris, we have a tendency to marvel why as a Pashtun, his heart doesn’t ache for his own individuals. Marred by oppression, violence, and enforced disappearances, the Pashtun men, ladies, and youngsters area unit fighting for justice underneath the banner of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement. can we see Shahid Afridi standing up for any of the causes that are literally among his reach?

When Afridi visits Jammu and Kashmir, will he ever raise voice for the dearth of development within the region?

in all probability, raising such problems won’t get him the sort of international attention that a ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ roar would bring Associate in Nursing aspirational PM. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, even a word on the sufferings of Uighur Muslims in China is deleted once it’s not in accordance with the state narrative. that the causes Associate in Nursing aspiring politician stands up for ought to match with those the state believes in.

To be fair, back within the day, Imran Khan commands a stern anti-establishment line. His opposition to the activity within the Federally Administered social group Areas and to rights abuses in Balochistan was an indicator of his political career within the early 2000s. All his opposition was diluted once he gave up his causes to return to power.

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Reading Shahid Afridi’s political mind:

Reading Afridi’s political mind About the intellectual information measure of Afridi, the less aforesaid the higher. He shared his philosophy (which may not be his) in his life Game Changer and praised General Pervez Musharraf. Afridi delineated former army chief Raheel Sharif as somebody WHO

“was one among those stand-up-and-be-counted guys. continuously able to deliver.” no matter that meant.

He conjointly gave North American nation a scoop that Pakistan’s army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa “does higher cricket analysis than most commentators and analysts.” ought to we tend to be troubled that our future prime minister thinks that the military chief’s job is analyzing cricket? Afridi was conjointly keen on former

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, before he aforesaid this: “But he (Sharif) didn’t learn abundantly from all his time in and out of politics. His social media approach these days have been fatal and has been factious for the Asian nation.” And in fact, altogether of this, Afridi wouldn’t have detected of a handful of coups here and there, that weren’t fatal in any respect. Under Afridi, the Asian nation would show a discrepancy from what it’s currently.

however, if you don’t believe that then you’re a person. Afridi hoping that his biopic is formed with Tom Cruise and Aamir Khan, or promising to finish state if elective as Asian nation PM could seem fanciful ideas, however these aspirations ar real.

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