Saudi Grand Mufti Said During Ramzan Prayers To Be Done At Home

Saudi’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdullah al-sheikh, the highest and powerful religious authorities in the country, he said that during Ramzan f the COVID_19 continue then Taraweeh’s prayers and Eid

hajj 2020

Al-Fitr Feast should be performed at home. He said that COVID -19 is a dangerous virus that is spread all over the world due to this every prayer to be done at own home.
According to the report, He also said that Ramzan Taraweeh’s prayers can be performed at home If it can’t be performed at mosques due to the fight against COVID-19.
The Holy month will be started from next week.
Saudi Arabia in mid-march stooped people to perform their five daily prayers and the weekly Friday inside mosques as part of efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

On Friday The Different Pictures Were Captured From Mosques – 17 April 2020












Law enforcement officials and police were deployed across the country on Friday 17 April 2020 to ensure that prayer congregations remain restricted as the govt fight against corona
Every week, the govt of Pakistan started imposing restrictions on movement, law enforcement officials struggle to ensure that crowds do not gather for prayers on Friday, yet congregations are held across the country
Pakistan has recorded 7289 cases of coronavirus COVID-19, but on the other hand, only 137 patients have died form coronavirus COVID-19 Govt has warned that the cases increases along with the testing capacity and most cases were imported from other countries but now 58 %  of cases are of local transmission

Punjab Government has extended the lockdown till 25 April 2020
Army and Police play a very important role in controlling the lockdown situation, both are standing on the front line to fight against the coronavirus COVID-19.


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