Punjab Educational Institutes Will Be Open At 1 June 2020

Punjab Educational Institutes will be open at the end of May 2020

Murad Raas is a Pakistani politician who is the current provincial Minister of Punjab for school education.
Educational Minister of Punjab said that Punjab could not face the loss of study. He said that all the educational institutes should be open on 1 June 2020. We’ll start the new year of educations.
He said that all the private and government schools in Punjab will be open during June 2020.

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First few days all private and government schools shall be closed after the 4 periods. When the symptoms of Coronavirus are completely lost then all schools shell be open according to their daily basis routines. He said that all the government schools will be open and staff distributed the books for new classes. The remaining exams of 9th Grade will be done at the mid of June according to new datasheets. For Apply Online jobs

Schools Timing will be 7 to 11

Exams Decision For Matric part-1:

Murad Rass said that the date of the exam for 9th grade will be decided at the start of June 2020. And the remaining 6 exams will be done at the mid of June 2020. He said that all the Government teachers should be on duty for 6 days, there will no gap and holiday for paper preparation.
During these 6 days, all other student enjoy the six holidays. During these six days of exams social distancing is a must for student’s protection and safety.
Chairs will be managed in each a way that one chair should be away two meters from next. Other students of schools enjoy six holidays. Download datasheet of matric part-1. 

In Punjab educational institutes all the new admission for 6th and 9th grade will be done at 1 – June – 2020. All books are already available in government schools and will be served on 1 June 2020.

Exams Decision For Intermediate:

Educational Minister Murad Raas said that the intermediate exams will be started at the end of June 2020. Intermediate part-2 exams will start from 27th of June 2020. Murad Raas said that we hope that at the end of June the Covid-19 will be completely or partially finished, but we may fail in covering COVID-19 then the social distancing will be applied during intermediate exams like matric.

Latest News About Schools:

Singapore School Reopens After 2 Months and Singapore youngsters come back to School after nearly 2 months of strict lockdown because of the novel coronavirus that has claimed various lives across the world. Media reports aforementioned, the youngsters came to colleges with temperatures checked, masks fitted, and hand sanitizers prepared at the entrances.

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