“Premature” To Say That All Deaths Taking Place Beacuse of Coronavirus- Dr. Zafar Mirza


Dr. Zafar Mirza On 17 April 2020 said:

Special Assistant to the PM on health Dr. Zafar Mirza On 17 April 2020 said that it would be “premature ”to say that all the deaths occurring in the country were due to coronavirus.
In Islamabad He said that the primary method of ascertaining if a person died  due to Coronavirus is a laboratory test. “if teste has not been done”, he said adding that without testing, any conclusions would be “mere speculation”
The SAPM added that the govt would issues an advisory in the coming days for doctors working in emergencies about how they should receive dead on arrival or critically ill cases
He also said that“ the Advisory will contain instructions on how and when to carry out a test of such people if doctor clinically suspects they are coronavirus positive.
According to reports, the number of death in Sindh is higher than being reported. Mirza said that the Sindh health minister had started a process of contact tracking after som recent unexplained deaths, which he turned a welcome move.  Apply Online for Latest jobs

Increased testing capacity

The SAPM said that 6264 COVID-19 tests were conducted across the country on 16 April 2020 adding that it was the highest number of test in a single day so far
he traveled that Pakistan now has nearly one million testing kits and almost 20 thousand tests would be carried out daily by the month’s end.
Mirza sab said that these tests would help authorities to identify the people who have the COVID-19 if they exhibit symptoms or not. He said that 60% of COVID-19 cases in the country were locally transmitted.

Yaaran-e-Watan program lanches for overseas doctors.

Appreciating the resilience of the nation during this time, the SAPM said that the country always united in the face of a calamity.”We’re getting contributions in the form of money, equipment and medicines not only from people in the country but Pakistani living abroad as well.”
30,000 Pakistani doctors are serving in foreign countries, Mirza sab said that many of them had expressed a desire to help during the COVID-19.

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