News – Only 0.2 Percent Adults Rely on Internet For Getting News

According to a brand new report from the bench net & yank Life Project, sixty-one of USA citizens currently get a number of their Latest_news online, although native TV stations square measure still the foremost fashionable means that of searching for regarding the news. native print newspapers still reach five hundredth of USA citizens and 17 November browse the print versions of national papers just like the big apple Times or USA nowadays. While thirty-eighth of USA citizens still banks entirely on offline sources for his or her daily news, solely two of adults within the U.S. get their news solely from on-line sources.

The majority of stories shoppers within the U.S. (59%) currently get their Latest_news from a mix of online and offline sources. Latest_news Portals square measure the foremost fashionable Sources – Younger net Users conjointly believe Social Networks When on-line, yank net users typically believe two to five completely different sites to induce their news. curiously, sixty-fifth of on-line news users say that they don’t have a favorite online news supply. The majority of net users (56%) believe news portals like Google News, AOL, or Topix.


Younger net users beneath twenty-nine conjointly tend to use social networks to seem for attention-grabbing stories that their peers share with them (44%) and thirteen specifically follow news organizations or individual journalists on social networking sites.

Twitter updates:

Only four-dimensional of all net users follow Twitter updates from journalists and Latest_news organizations to remain on high of the news. Latest_news podcasts square measure way more fashionable than Twitter for obtaining news updates. regarding V-day of on-line news users over eighteen hear news podcasts from organizations like NPR or the big apple Times. Check for more updates


What regarding RSS? Sadly, the bench study failed to raise users if they used RSS feeds and feed readers to consume Latest_news (“RSS” doesn’t even seem within the report). whereas a lot of net users most likely use RSS to consume Latest_news on portal sites and Latest_news aggregators while not knowing it, it might be attention-grabbing to examine what number individuals use services like Google Reader to consume news.

Sharing News :

Sharing Latest_news Three-quarters of all adult net users within the U.S. say that they get Latest_news forwarded to them by email or through posts on social networking sites. 1 / 4 of those net users, however, conjointly says that they barely ever browse these stories.

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Demographics :

Demographics Marketers and also the advertising departments for on-line Latest_news sources are happy to listen to that Latest_news users tend to be younger than the typical population (68% square measure beneath fifty and twenty-ninth square measure beneath 30) and square measure seemingly to use regular (50%) and have a minimum of some faculty education (67%).

What They Look For :

Their social unit financial gain conjointly tends to be on top of the U.S. average. These users also have quicker broadband connections (84%) than the typical net user. The heaviest shoppers of on-line Latest_news square measure between thirty associate degreed forty-nine years previous and certain to measure during a social unit with an annual financial gain of over $50,000 What do they give the impression of being for?

The overwhelming majority of net users :

The overwhelming majority of net users go on-line to seek out data regarding the weather (81%). Latest_news regarding national events (73%), health (66%), business and finance (64%), and Latest_news regarding international events (62%) also are among the highest five most well-liked classes among on-line Latest_news shoppers. school Latest_news is the sixth-most fashionable class. Get RWW News on Facebook You can become an acquaintance of ReadWriteWeb on Facebook and obtain our news and analysis regarding the dynamical internet-delivered directly into your Newsfeed.

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