New Politics Map of Pakistan Included IOJ&K: Recent Development

On the eve of Youm-e-Istehsal, the federal cupboard on Tuesday approved a replacement political New Politics Map of Pakistan, which has the Indian Occupied Jammu and geographical area (IOJ&K) and different controversial areas.

In a news conference together with the secretary of state monarch Mehmood Qureshi and different ministers once the cupboard meeting here, Prime Minister Imran Khan aforesaid “We square measure transfer a political New Politics Map of Pakistan before the globe that reflects the aspirations of the folks of Pakistan. Join ABCNewsTime

The prime minister aforesaid that the political map supports the scrupulous stand of the folks of West Pakistan and {kashmir|Kashmir|Cashmere|Jammu and geographical area|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and rejects the aggressive and amerciable step taken by an Asian nation in Kashmir on August 05. The prime minister supplemental that from currently forwards, the official New Politics Map of Pakistanwould be an equivalent because the one approved by the federal cupboard and it’ll be bestowed in the United Nations.

“From currently on, this West Pakistan’s map (New Politics Map of Pakistan) are going to be utilized in faculties, faculties, and globally,” he said.

Speaking on the long-standing geographical area issue, he said, “Let American state explain once more that there’s only 1 resolution to the geographical area, that resolution is within the global organization council resolutions, that offer the folks of the geographical area the correct to make a decision by vote that they need to travel with West Pakistan or Asian nation.”

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Imran Khan is emphatic that this right was given to Kashmiris by the international community, that had not been completed nevertheless, and “we wish to form it clear to the globe that this can be the sole resolution, aside from the answer that the Asian nation did on August 05. it’ll ne’er be resolved that approach.”

The prime minister contended, “There is merely one resolution to a geographical area that we have a tendency to and our government can still try for, which is what the globe secure in 1948 underneath global organization resolutions. I congratulate everybody. we’ve got been being attentive to {kashmir|Kashmir|Cashmere|Jammu and geographical area|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} since we have a tendency to were born and folks hope that {they can|they’re going to|they’ll} get justice and rights and once Kashmir will return to West Pakistan.”

About the political map, he said, “This may be a map. I would like to mention from my life expertise that before reaching one’s destination, one must imagine wherever he’s going. This map is that the commencement and that we square measure in a very political struggle.”

He maintained, “We believe a political resolution, not a military one. we’ll repeatedly cue the United Nations that you just had a promise that you just failed to fulfill. God willing, our struggle can continue. This struggle can continue forever and as long as I’m alive. All Pakistanis ought to conjointly struggle, even as the folks of {kashmir|Kashmir|Cashmere|Jammu, and Kashmir|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are sacrificing for his or her freedom.”

The prime minister aforesaid, “I believe my God that we’ll reach this destination in some unspecified time in the future.” secretary of state monarch Mehmood Qureshi aforesaid the geographical area issue will solely be resolved in accordance with the global organization resolutions secure by the Asian nation. New Politics Map of Pakistan

“The map states that there’ll be an UN-sponsored vote on the longer term of geographical area. The second factor that this map has created clear is that any clarification of Pakistan’s position. The map accustomed have a line and also the impression was providing there’s ambiguity in what Jammu and geographical area is,” he distinguished.

“Today we’ve got created it clear that there’s a world border and there’s a transparent distinction that this space is unresolved. Another line has been drawn during this map that maybe a military demarcation and it accustomed finish earlier, however currently it’s been integrated with the border with China,” he explained.

He is emphatic that it had been created clear that Siachen was ours yesterday and was ours nowadays. “We square measure difficult India’s position and its amerciable actions. we have a tendency to square measure claiming our right during this space. the difficulty of Sir Creek has been underneath discussion in our bilateral talks,” he maintained.

Explaining the new pakistan’s map, the minister aforesaid, “we have refuted India’s claim in Sir Creek during this map and that we have aforesaid that this can be Pakistan’s position. Our border is to the east whereas India’s position is that it goes to the west. it had been apparently trivial, however, if you look into the results, the Asian nation has smartly tried to devour Pakistan’s many kilometers.”

The secretary of state aforesaid, “Earlier, it had been known as Fata and currently that it’s been integrated into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it’s conjointly been shown as KP and also the thirst has been quenched. The Afghan border is clearly visible, the blurred border is additionally shown here, these square measure areas just like the one that simply happened between China and Asian nation, their conflict has been occurring for many years and there had been conjointly Pakistan’s stance.”

The minister contended that Kashmiri and Pakistan’s entire political leadership supported the new pakistan’s map and supplemental, “We cannot even try and produce any ambiguity on what we’ve got shown within the map and also the Pakistani nation agrees on this political map.”

Qureshi aforesaid the map may be a reflection of our destiny. “The prime minister and also the cupboard approved the attribution of the geographical area road to the Srinagar road and our destination is Srinagar, our destination is that the dream that our elders saw and this dream was consummated by Imran Khan during this map,” Qureshi remarked.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s political parties, from treasury and opposition benches, fashioned agreement over the geographical area issue, Geo News reported  Tuesday. secretary of state monarch Mehmood Qureshi addressing the All Parties Conference, aforesaid that Pakistani nation, political parties, and also the soldiers were on an equivalent page relating to a geographical area.

“Despite torture, oppression, and imprisonment, the Asian nation cannot dampen the spirits of Kashmiris,” Qureshi aforesaid, adding that the country had rejected India’s unconstitutional and unilateral advance August 05, 2019.

Meanwhile, speaking in Geo News’ program “Geo Pakistan”, Qureshi aforesaid that the complete country was united on the difficulty of Occupied geographical area and can offer ‘one message’ to the Asian nation on the annual day of remembrance of recent Delhi’s August 05 move.

“There isn’t any confusion in our emotions or direction,” aforesaid the secretary of state. “The entire country is united (on geographical area issue) and can send one message to Asian nation (on August 5),” he added.

Answering an issue concerning Pakistan’s response and what additional required to be done, the minister aforesaid that the struggle to supply the correct to self-determination to the folks of Associate in Nursingd Kashmir|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} was a current one.

“See, this can be a struggle and it’ll have its ups and downs,” he said. “Our stance hasn’t modified and our destination is Srinagar. The locks and chains on the Jamia house of God Srinagar are going to be broken,” he added.

Qureshi aforesaid that political activists, stakeholders, and different members of the society can participate in Yaum-e-Istehsal rallies around the country. “We can observe one-minute silence, of course, keeping in mind the SOPs thanks to the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

The minister lashed out at the Indian government for imposing a curfew within the occupied region, spoken communication that it had negated India’s stance. “India’s stance has been buried (by its call to impose curfew again),” he said. “It shows that the Indian rulers are not assured that Kashmiris can believe them, despite the government’s oppression and greed ways,” he added

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