Indian Govt Advised its Officers To avoid To Use The Zoom App

Indian’s Government has advised its officers to avoid using the zoom app. The Cyber Coordination Center of the Ministry of Home Affairs sent the advisory to the officials.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Confirmed deaths and Cases on 16 April 2020


Zoom app is used for video calls, online official conferences, classes, and other professional purposes. This is available for free, but a call session has a limit of less than or equal to 40 minutes. You’ll have to pay 14.99 dollars for longer conferences and more others. 100 plus people can be a call for free on it, more people can join with a fee


According to the report, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTO) of India earlier warned the official about this app.
Be clear that this app has gained the popularity amid coronavirus that has pushed people to start working from home.
Zoom video conferencing app sharing your data with Facebook.
The UK has also told its officials do not to use this app due to security receiving multiple reports from users.

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Smoking is injurious to health but it can help kill COVID-19

Smoking is injurious to health and also destroys human lungs, but on the other hand, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that is also destroying lungs too but British Artist David Hockney claimed that smoking can kill coronavirus.

David Hockney
British Artist David Hockney










The 82 yards old Artist who is famous for his paintings of California pools, wrote a letter to the British Media on daily outlook mail in which he wrote that
He said that he believes that smoking could protect people against The COVID-19 many scoffed.
Furthermore, he wrote that according to smoking kill coronavirus COVID-19.
I have smoked for more than 60 years, but I think I am quite healthy.he also said that “ How much longer do I’ve? “I am going to die of wither a smoking-related illness or non-smoking related illness”

Zoom Earning –  reportable that its earnings ultimately surged because the video-chatting platform is kind of common of late amidst Coronavirus imprisonment restrictions. According to Zoom, the corporate created a profit of $27 million on revenue that leaped 169% to slightly quite $328 million within the financial quarter that finished April thirty.

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