PM Reduced The Limit Of The Loan Of Kamyab Jawan Program

PM Imran Khan approved enhancing the upper limit of the loan under the kamyab jawan program from five million rupees to 25 million rupees to facilitate youth to go for big business.
The approval has granted during his meeting with Finance Adviser Doctor Abdul Hafeez Shiekh and Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Uman Dar in Islamadf on 14 April 2020. Apply online for kamyab jawan program  
Now the budding entrepreneurs van gt a loan up to 25 million roués instead of five million rupees.
The Pm also decided to reduce the applicable markup rate from eight percent speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said that young entrepreneurs will encourage more lesson as relaxation in a lockdown situation.
Pm Imran khan said youth is a precious asset of the country and the govt will invest more in them. H said young people have a greater role in strengthening the country’s economy of the country.

construction sector

PM Imran Khan has announced to open the construction sector to help laborers who are struggling hard to service during the lockdown because of coronavirus.

According to the report, press conference after National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting the PM Imran Khan said that the construction sector has the lowest risk in the term of coronavirus spread because the coronavirus only effected in cold weather and this person who has weak immunity system.
Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that the Federal and provincial governments have regarding opening the construction sector during lockdown for employing daily wagers and laborers.

Imran Khan said that the federal and provincial governments decided that the lockdown will continue for another two weeks across the country

PM Imran Khan further said that all public places including educational institutions shell be remained closed during the lockdown system the premier also follows the safety rules during coronavirus.
PM said that the government is ensuring all possible measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

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