Flavoursome And Famous Angel Cakes With Its Heavenly Taste

Angel food cake is a unique sponge cake because, in its preparation, no butter is used. It originated in the United States and became popular in the 90s. It gained its great name due to its light and fluffy texture made with flour, egg white and sugar. The whipped egg white gives the cake fluff and a light texture. This cake is often served with berries which gives it a more special taste.

If you are searching for some very delectable and special apple fruit cakes, then here’s the list:-

Brown Sugar Angel Food Cake

Brown Sugar Angel food cake is a beacon of appetite. It grabs in the fact that only egg whites are used to prepare, which contains low fat and is light. Moreover, it is prepared by using brown sugar and organic flour, making it the perfect dessert to share with family and friends. So what are you waiting for? 

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Lemon Angel Food Cake

This cake has a batter of lime and lightly sweetened whipped cream with many berries on top, making this a perfect guilt-free midday treat. It is mostly eaten in the summer season and is a perfect breakfast item. Its limey freshness makes your whole day refreshing and rejoicing. You can take this airy Lemon Angel Food Cake to any party or gathering for a delightful treat. It is not only delicious but nutritional too.

Orange Angel Food Cake

Orange Angel food cake has caramelized orange used as the topping syrup, which is more likely to be the dessert made in heaven. This cake is worth being called a refreshment of Angels. It is so healthy and tasty that one cannot contract oneself from having numerous pieces of this cake. It would add charm to your party.

Angel Food Cake

The juicy, pulpy berry and fleshy cherry topping is moisture retentive which keeps you hydrated during summertime. The floral Jasmine syrup is used for fragrance which produces a fruity and pleasant scent that seems unique and unusual from regular Angel food cake. It gives you the sense of freshness and wholesome taste in every bite. You would have never eaten a healthy cake like this rich in vitamin c and has a high in albumin and egg white protein.

Key Lime Angel Food Cake

Key Lime Angel food cake is light and has a hint of fresh citrus in its batter, and gives a tangy taste in every bite. It is one of the best summer refreshments and can work as an ideal breakfast item. Every summer party is incomplete without Key Lime Angel Food Cake. The lime in this cake gives it a hint of vitamin c, and the egg white results in low fat, which is non-heavy during summertime.

Coconut Angel Food Cake 

Coconuts are exotic edible fruits that add scrumptious crunch in the whole dough of an encrust. This cake looks gorgeous and healthy at the same time. Yoghurt is used in its mixture, rich in protein, calcium and probiotics, enhancing the gut microbiota. Coconut Angel Food Cake With Greek Yogurt Frosting is the perfect complement to any celebration. This cake will amaze all your friends and family members.

Angel Sponge Cake

This cake is specially used as evening snacks and for midnight munchies. This cake is made without adding any baking powder or baking soda. For making this cake, first we have to collect egg whites of many eggs and then have to beat the eggs properly. By doing so we fill the mixture with air thus making it fluffy then the cake batter is added into it and is mixed properly and is then baked in the oven. 

While the process of baking water is momentarily sprayed in the oven to help the cake to remain smooth and prevents it from cracking. This cake is not iced with heavy cream. While serving this cake we pour some maple syrup over it which enhances its taste. This cake is extremely spongy and is very smooth. This cake is best enjoyed in the evening accompanied with some coffee. it will immediately dissolve in your mouth.

Strawberries And Cream Angel Food

Strawberries and cream Angel food is a classic combination of sponge cake with strawberry topping. It is the Canvas of sugar, and the strawberry gives it a definite alluring. You should order this birthday cake online to taste the yummy strawberry flavored cake. It is worth having a bite of such a delicious and pleasing cake.

These are one of the best warm-weather desserts with light calories and big on presentation. These cakes give an idea that even if the angels eat, they will fly without being weighted. If these cakes are served at a wedding celebration or a birthday party, it gives the idea that the person is now blessed with the Angels of heaven. This cake justifies its name very well with its taste, bashing yumminess and appearance.

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