Federal Governement has decided to extend lockdown date

The Federal Government has decided to extend the countrywide lockdown to the 30th of April. As per details, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the federal cabinet meeting held in Islamabad on Tuesday.

It was decided to extend the lockdown for another two weeks but the final approval to this extension will be given in the meeting of the National Coordination Committee.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday donated 4.6 million to Prime Minister Fund for Corona Relief.

A spokesperson for the bureau also said that all officers above grade 20 working at NAB would also donate three days‘ worth of their salaries to the relief fund.NAB officers from Grade 17-19 will donate two days’ worth of their salary to the relief fund.NAB employees from Grade 1-16 donate one days’ salary to the fund.

’’ The spokesperson added. Chairman NAB Justices Javed lqbal said that we all need to fight Coronavirus with bravery rather than getting afraid.

NAB officers and employees must take precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 infection, say, Chairman NAB.

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Prime Minister Launches the Tele School-Live Channel for the reduction of student’s study losses.

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