Ertugrul Ghazi Drama Becomes Monster hit in Pakistan

Ertugrul Ghazi the famous drama of Turkey:

The world-famous drama based on Islamic history and conquests, Dirilis Eurturgul is also known as Ertugrul Ghazi, has become a monster hit.

PM Imran Khan recently encouraged the Pakistanis to watch the series of Dirilis Ertugrul and then after that Ertugrul Ghazi has been arriving on Pakistan Television (PTV) since the first of Ramadan and so far 14 episodes of this season have been aired.

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The popularity of Drama:

The popularity of drama can be measured from the fact that just in 15 days of Ramdan 1 million people subscribe to the YouTube channel of PTV(Pakistan Television) just in 15 days since the first episode is uploaded. On the other hand, the first episode has been watched by 12.7 plus people in Pakistan.
PTV YouTube channel has also broken the World record on YouTube and tweeted.

“He said that the world record for most new subscribers in 1 month on YouTube.The current is 6.6M and the channel of Dirilis Ertugrul  can beat with your love.”

The Turkish Radio Television, Digital Radio, Tv direction, team that assisted PTV airing the drama in Pakistan and said that this drama got such a great response. that we can’t describe it. He said that this drama is vied by 500 million times globally.

PM Imran Khan Has Encouraged To Watch Dirilis Ertugrul :

Pakistan Television PTV was announced to telecast Dirilis Eurturgul Ertugrul drama in the Urdu language during the month of Ramadan. Furthermore, Pm said that the youth can learn about true Islamic history. He realized the faith in God in this series. he feels that delighted for the series broadcast in Pakistan on national television. where millions of Pakistanis can enjoy it As soon the other episode of this drama will b launches on PTV Pakistan  Television channel. Ertugrul, originally aired on TRT Turkish Radio Team in 2014 and it concludes with its 5th season in 2019. According to reports, PTV obtained the broadcast rights of the drama from the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).

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