Attacked By Gunmen within a Afghan Capital- Latest news

Gunmen attacked a hospital within the Afghan capital:

Gunmen attacked a hospital within the Afghan capital Kabul, on Tuesday, wherever the international humanitarian organization Doctors without boundary lines runs a maternity clinic, killing a minimum of eight folks, officers aforesaid. Several folks were wounded within the attack on Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital, in step with a ministry of interior official, and dozens of individuals were being exhausted. Some folks remained treed within the hospital and a number of other doctors had leaped to associate degree adjacent building once a minimum of 3 attackers sporting police uniforms entered, throwing grenades and shooting, organization aforesaid.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility however the religious movement aforesaid they weren’t concerned. The 100-bed government-run facility is supported by Doctors without boundary lines, which is additionally notable by its French name Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), aforesaid Wahidullah Mayar, a representative for the Ministry of Public Health.

Security forces were operating to counter the attack and eighty folks together with girls and youngsters had been exhausted, aforesaid interior ministry representative Tariq Arian. The security forces had shot one offender however clashes were occurring, he said. Deputy health minister Waheed Majroh aforesaid eight folks together with youngsters had been wounded and brought to different hospitals.Gunmen attacked a hospital within the Afghan capital Kabul, on Tuesday

MSF didn’t in real-time reply to the letter of invitation for comment. It says on its web site it operates a maternity clinic at the hospital in one in all Kabul’s poorest neighborhoods. The neighborhood is home to several members of Afghanistan’s Hazara community, a largely Muslim minority that has been attacked by the Muslim State cluster within the past, together with at a Kabul ceremony commemorative the death of 1 of its leaders in March.

Also on Tuesday, forty folks were killed or wounded in associate degree attack at the ceremonial occasion of a police commander within the Japanese province of Nangarhar, in step with Attaullah Khogyani, a representative for the provincial government. Several bloody attacks within the capital in recent months are claimed by Muslim State.

On Monday, security forces aforesaid that they had inactive 3 senior Muslim State members together with a regional leader. Last week, security forces killed associate degreed inactive many members of a Muslim State cell that authorities aforesaid were answerable for many attacks in Kabul together with one on a Sikh temple in March.

Roadside blasts within the capital on Mon, that wounded four civilians, were claimed by the cluster. Afghanistan is additionally facing violence around the country from the religious movement as u. s. tries to start peace talks once sign language a troop withdrawal agreement in a Gregorian calendar month with the militants. The religious movement says square measure holding back from offensive urban centers and their operations are geared toward security forces.

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