Annual Lux Style Awards 2020 Has Been Postpond

Annual Lux Style Awards 2020 :

lux style awad 2020

Since the breaking out of the coronavirus COVID-19, several events and Lux Style Awards 2020 across the world have been postponed or canceled indefinitely. Joining them is the annual Lux Awards 2020 which will not be taking place this year. Instead, the show’s budget will be redirected in collaboration with the Akhuwat Foundation to support those affected by the global coronavirus crisis in the fashion industry.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have supported and worked on making it the most coveted award ceremony of Pakistan. Today, in these tough times, we want to support the members of these industries, whose lives and jobs have been affected by the pandemic,” shared Asima Haq, the Beauty and Personal Care Director at Unilever, Pakistan.

The organizers further added, “While we may not celebrate LSA in all its glory this year, we will find a befitting way to recognize and award the winners of the 19th LUX Style Awards.”


The doctors of Japan have feared that the health system could face a decline in Japan due to new cases of coronavirus.

Doctors said that emergency rooms have found it difficult to treat some patients with critical conditions as Coronavirus caused extra burden. One ambulance carrying a patient with COVID-19 symptoms was turned away by 80 hospitals before he could be seen.

According to reports, there are more than 10 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Japan whereas more than 2 hundreds of people have lost their lives. Tokyo has been the most affected city in Japan.

Konoshin Tamura, the deputy head of an association of GPs, told the international news agency, “This is to prevent the medical system from crumbling,” check more

“Everyone needs to extend a helping hand. Otherwise, hospitals would break down,” he added.

The government is also struggling to increase testing in the country by launching drive-through facilities. Experts say that fewer tests were conducted last week and this has disturbed to track the spread of the virus. Data from Oxford

University highlighted that Japan conducted 16% of the number of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests that South Korea conducted. The Japanese government said that conducting several tests was a “waste of resources”.

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