Angelina Jolie Writes On Incrass In Children Abuse Amid Pandemic

The Hollywood Superstar Angelina Jolie wrote and articles on child abuse a problem that has increased amid coronavirus pandemic

She showed concern about how isolation has influenced families throughout the world has created risks for children

She has written in her story that the pandemic could lead to the creation of negative environment for the children. She said that more than 100 women are killed due to domestic violence each day around the globe, and children are often affected too. Isolating a victim from family and friends is a well-known tactic of control by abusers, meaning that the social distancing that is necessary to shop COVID-19 is one that will in advertising full a direct rise in trauma and suffering for vulnerable children. There are already reports of surgery in

Angelina Jolie comes at a time when children are deprived of the very support network that helps them cope from their trusted friend and teachers to after school sports activities and visits to a beloved relatives’ houses that provide an escape from their abusive environment. Coronavirus COVID-19 has cut children off from their friends their regular schooling and their freedom of movement. with well over a billion young people living under lockdown worldwide, there has been a lot to lift their spirits and keep them joyful in isolation

Angelina Jolie Made good use od her platform to supports this child through critical times
the Global partnership to end against children has produced a series of guides to help protect during the pandemic, Including managing stress talking to children about difficult issues. The children helplines network can direct parents or anyone with concerns to a number to call for advice and information. And some sites can help you id you ‘ve concerns about your own relationship.

The Latest Updates of Coronavirus COVID-19 all around the world

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