Android Studio – Google launched Android Studio 4.0

Google these days launched Android Studio 4.0, the most recent version of its integrated development atmosphere (IDE). Android Studio 4.0 is meant to assist developers “code smarter, build quicker, and style apps.”

The new unharness comes right before Google’s mechanical man eleven Beta one launch next week. Google delayed its mechanical man eleven beta schedule thanks to the coronavirus.

Android could be a huge platform with over two.5 billion monthly active devices. whereas developers will use alternative days to make on mechanical man, the most recent options arrive 1st in mechanical man Studio. Version 4.0 includes a replacement Motion Editor, a Build analyzer, and Java eight language genus Apis.

Google additionally overhauled the mainframe Profiler program and improved the Layout Inspector. You can currently transfer mechanical man Studio 4.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux directly from If you’re already victimization mechanical man Studio, you’ll get the most recent version within the navigation menu (Help => Check for Update on Windows/Linux and mechanical man Studio.

Features & Design – Android :

  • Motion Editor
  • Upgraded Layout
  • Inspector Layout validation

Develop Features – Studio 4.0:

BuildFeatures  of Android :

  • Build Analyzer
  • Java 8 language library desugaring in D8 and R8
  • Feature on feature dependencies
  • New options to enable or disable build features
  • Dependencies metadata

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